Moving With Your Motor Vehicles: What You Need to Know

Moving requires many types of services, including auto transport for your classic cars, motorcycles, and boats. There are some key steps to take when booking professional auto transport like researching the company and inspecting your vehicle. These steps and more can ensure your motor vehicles are moved safely and quickly. Continue reading to learn what you should know when moving your vehicles.

Look at Company Reviews

It is important to look up different moving companies to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Receive at least three estimates and a detailed list of included moving and packing services. Look at each company’s reviews through different review websites and social media. Use these details to help you find the best company for your moving and auto transport .

State Your Scheduling Needs

Transporting any vehicle can be met with complications, such as traffic and border patrol issues. These complications may cause your vehicle to arrive late to its destination. Tell your moving company ahead of time about any scheduling requirements. If you need your car, boat, or motorcycle by a certain date, then your moving company needs to know to plan accordingly.

Avoid Non-Run Fees

Many auto transport companies will charge a non-run fee for a vehicle that cannot be moved without a trailer or towing package. You can avoid this type of fee by ensuring your car’s engine is running and filled with gasoline and oil.

Conduct Thorough Inspections

You and the auto transporter should conduct a thorough inspection before and after transport. This inspection will note any preexisting damage, engine issues, and tire quality. These inspections are important to ensure that your vehicle was undamaged during the transport. If the vehicle is damaged, then contact your auto transport company right away.

Silicon Valley Moving & Storage offers many moving and packing services in Silicon Valley, including our auto transport services. We keep your vehicles protected in closed and open carriers, and we coordinate door-to-door delivery for your convenience. Please call us at (408) 763-4800 to learn more.

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