Should You Pack Food When You Move?

You will likely be concerned with your furniture and moving boxes prior to moving day, but you must not forget the food in your kitchen. Some of this food can be moved—such as unperishable items that may fuel you and your movers—but many foods should be thrown away or given away before the big day. Let’s look at the foods you should and should not pack.

Consume Perishables

Most of your perishables will be found in your refrigerator and freezer. Consume these items first and do not replenish them. For example, if you have meat frozen for future meals, then start cooking these for your family and friends to consume in the days and weeks prior to moving day. Minimize the amount of fresh produce you purchase before a move. If it can be eaten before the move or can be transported easily, then it should be okay to purchase.

Avoid Packing Expired Items

Your pantry is likely filled with expired or nearly-expired items. Take a few minutes to inspect your pantry, cupboards, and spice rack for any cans, spices, and condiments that might be on the verge of expiring. If you can eat these items or give them away, then do so before they expire.

Share Leftovers and Extras

Local or long-distance moving is a great reason to spread some charity to your community. Look up your local homeless shelter or food bank and offer your canned goods, prepackaged meals, and produce. Many charities will be happy to take these items, so they can give them to the local community of poor and homeless families. This is the perfect way to give back to your city and unload some unnecessary weight from your moving boxes.

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