Reducing Stress When You Are Moving With Kids and Pets

Both long-distance and local moving can be stressful to plan and carry out, and this is even more true for families with children and pets. If you’re moving with kids and pets this season, then keep reading for tips on taking some of the stress out of the process.

Spark Your Kids’ Excitement

When it comes to moving with children , one of the biggest stressors that you might face is their unwillingness to leave their home and friends. To help reduce both their anxiety and yours, frame the move in a positive light and get them excited about the process. To do this, you might show them pictures of some of the local attractions they’ll get to experience and assure them that they can stay in contact with their friends.

Make Packing a Game

When left to the last minute, packing can turn into a stress-filled endeavor that leaves you panicked and exhausted. Also, both your kids and your pets are likely to pick up on your frenzied state. To help avoid this situation, begin packing early. Taking this step will help you finish on time and can reduce stress for your pets by getting them accustomed to the presence of boxes around your home. Second, turn the packing process into a game that the whole family can be a part of by allowing your children to organize and box their belongings. This strategy can help the process move more quickly and keep children happy and involved.

Stick to a Routine

One of the best ways that you can reduce stress for yourself, your kids, and your pets is to follow your normal routine as much as possible. Doing this may become difficult as moving day approaches, having a schedule cam simplify day-to-day life during this busy period and help keep children and pets happy and at ease.

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