FAQs About Office Relocations

office chair and boxes

Moving your office requires balancing the demands of the move with the needs of your company. How can you plan an office move that works for your schedule and your business? Here are the answers to questions that companies frequently have about office moving .

Do I have to close down my business on moving day?

The decision of whether to stop business activities on your moving day depends on the type of business you have, the number of employees you have, and your preferences. Some companies choose to have a few employees in charge of manning the phones and checking emails in a remote location during a move, while others opt to spend a day focused completely on relocating before returning to business as usual. If you do choose to close for a day or more, make sure your customers have advanced notice and that you do everything you can to meet their needs before the transition.

Should I have my employees help with the move?

Although the idea of putting your employees to work during a move may seem like a great way to save money, doing so could actually put your company at risk. You don’t have any coverage for items that are broken during the move when your employees are in charge, and if they are injured while doing the move, you could be liable. Letting professional movers relocate your office gives you the protection you need while ensuring that the job will be done safely and efficiently.

Who should pack the office?

Your moving company can do all of the packing for you, so that your furniture, electronics, and fragile items are prepared for transit safely. You can ask employees to clean out their desks and file cabinets, or your moving company can do that for you as well.

When you choose Silicon Valley Moving & Storage, you will have a team of managers and supervisors assigned specifically to your move, so you always have a point of contact who is familiar with your needs. If you are moving your office in Silicon Valley , find out how we can help by calling (408) 763-4800.

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