Answering Common Questions About Traditional Storage

If the closets and storage spaces around your home seem like they are filled to the brim, it may be time to start thinking about renting a storage unit. With secure storage, you can increase the storage capacity of your household, while also making sure that all of your items are completely safe and secure. Before your move into storage, you may have questions and concerns about the storage process. Let’s answer some commonly asked questions about traditional storage.

Do I Have to Bring My Boxes to the Warehouse?

Before you rent a traditional storage unit for the first time, you may have questions and concerns about how you will transport your items and boxes to the storage facility. In fact, traditional storage services include transportation of your items. A team of movers will arrive at your location and safely transport your boxes to the facility.

Will My Items Be Safe When They Are Stored and Moved?

When you choose traditional storage services, you can rest assured that your boxes will be handled with the utmost care. Your movers will take special precautions to ensure that your items are kept completely safe when they are shipped and transferred to the storage facility. Your storage unit will also be climate controlled and secured, so you will have complete peace of mind.

How Long Is a Traditional Storage Contract?

Unlike some storage facilities that require a minimum contract or length of stay, your traditional storage will be on a month-to-month basis. When you decide that you need to take your items out of storage, you can simply notify your storage company and your belongings will be brought to the location of your choice.

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