What to Not Pack in a Moving Box

When planning your moving adventure, you may think you can throw everything into some moving boxes and be ready for a quick move. However, you may soon find that many items you packed have leaked, died, or become irreparably damaged. Here is a brief list of items that should not go into a moving box:

  • Never put anything alive in a moving box. Hamsters, reptiles, and even plants should all be handled with specific and dedicated care to ensure that they arrive at your new home alive and well.
  • Keep fragile heirlooms and valuables with you at all times. Some fragile items, such as dishware, can be packed in specially-made boxes. However, if you have a special figurine or fragile decoration, then it should be well-packed and protected while in your care.
  • Toxic or cleaning chemicals, as well as anything containing liquid. These items can easily spill or break and damage several of your other items, even if they are packed in plastic boxes.

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