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At Silicon Valley Moving and Storage, we understand how overwhelming and time-consuming packing can be. We offer the best quality in packing services, including custom packing options to fit your needs! Whether you prefer our team to pack your items or want to pack your own items, we have a plethora of packing supplies to fit your needs.

Our wide selection of packing materials include:

Dish pack: The ultimate in dish and glass protection for any move! Our heavy duty dish pack boxes are available with cardboard divider cells. Along with better packing servicesprotection, this box makes packing your dishes and glasses easier than you thought it could be. Protect that fine china, or just ensure that your dinnerware gets there in one piece.
Size: 18” x 18” x 28″

1.5 Small Box: The small box is perfect for small, heavy items. Most commonly used
for books, it is also great for canned goods, and other smaller heavy items.
Size: 16 3/8” x 12 5/8” x 23 5/8”

Record Storage and Office Moving Box: Auto bottom book boxes are commonly used for office moves. These small cartons come with handles and are used for supplies and services packing files, binders, books, etc.
Size: 16 2/3” x 12 ½” x 12 ½”

Medium Box: This box may be used to pack small appliances, pots, pans,
small lamps, toys, etc.
Medium Size: 18 1/8” x 18” x 16 1/16”

Large Box: Large boxes are perfect for large, light-weight items, such as pillows, plastic ware, large boxlinens, quilts, large

pans, etc.Size: 18” x 18” x 24”

Extra Large Box: Extra large cartons are great for packing bedding, lamp shades,
artificial plants, wreaths, etc.
Size: 22 ” x 22 ” x 21 ½”

Lamp Cartons: Protect your table top lamps, speakers and even floor lamps by

bags and cartonsusing our lamp cartons.
Size: 12” x 12” x 40

Mattress Bags and Cartons: Protect your mattresses by covering them with heavy duty mattress bags or boxing them with custom size mattress cartons. Various sizes are available.

Twin Mattress Bags mattress covers

Double Mattress Bags

Queen Mattress Bags

King Mattress Bags

Mattress Cartons: Call for Details

Wardrobes: Wardrobe boxes are perfect for hanging clothes. These extra large boxes come with metal bars to keep your clothes wrinkle free. Use the

mirror boxadditional space at the bottom for packing your shoes or odd shaped items. For local moves, complimentary use of wardrobe boxes are available.Wardrobe Size 20”x20”x45 (stock) or Special Order 24” x 20” x 47 3/4”

Picture or Mirror Box: Protect your wall hangings, mirrors, glass and precious portraits by using our universal

picture pack. The four piece configuration will accommodate a variety of size pictures and mirrors.
Size: 40”x 60”

Protective Materials: Bubble Wrap
Bubble wrap is often used for protecting delicate items such as china, figurines, vases, pictures, etc.
Large Bubble: 20”x 24” rolls

Paper Pads: Protect pictures and larger items with 2 ply cushioned paper.

Paper: The single sheets of inkless paper are used for protecting and wrapping your items.

Tape: 55 yd packaging tape.

Shrink Wrap: Often used on the day of the move by the moving crew. This additional form of protection is used in conjunction with our quilt wrap service. Shrink wrap is a second source of protection that additionally protects light colored fabrics and wood.

Crating: Custom-built crates can be made to protect high-value art, marble, granite, etc.
Call for details.

Our moving products can ensure your items are safely transported to a new location. If you would like details regarding our packing services, please call us at (408) 941-0600 and request a free estimate.

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