What Shouldn’t Go Into Storage?

Storage units are extremely helpful whether you are moving or simply need a storage solution. You can store extra furniture, seasonal clothing, tools, and recreational items. However, there are certain items that should never be placed in your storage unit. Here is a closer look at the items that should stay out of your storage unit:

  • Never put any type of animal or plant into a storage unit. This can be considered illegal animal abuse, and it can result in harmful consequences, such as a pest infestation.
  • Keep perishables out of your unit. Food of any kind can attract rodents, grow mold, and cause health risks and damage to your items and nearby units.
  • Hazardous materials—such as odorous gases, chemicals, and explosive materials—should never be placed in your storage unit. Individual storage companies may have different restrictions on this rule, so it is best to confirm with your storage manager.

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