Efficient Ways to Pack a Storage Unit

Sometimes the garage just isn’t big enough, and sometimes you need a place to store your supplies when moving your office to a new location. Either way, you should know how to efficiently pack your storage unit . Keep reading to find out how you can pack your storage unit as efficiently as possible.

Bigger Boxes on Bottom

The last thing you want to see is a tower of your belongings crashing to the ground, which is why you need to pack properly. Make sure your bigger, sturdier boxes are low to the ground so they don’t crush smaller boxes underneath them. Refrain from stacking your boxes too high unless there is plenty of support for them.

Leave Room to Walk

It can be tough to make the most of your storage unit when you can’t access anything inside of it. This is why you need to make sure you leave room to walk around. You might want to create more than one aisle, depending on the size of your storage unit, so you can easily reach anything you might need. If you don’t create these spaces in advance, you might find yourself rearranging your entire storage unit every time you need to retrieve your belongings; this can also make it much more difficult to find what you need.

Label the Contents

If you don’t want to spend all day rummaging through the boxes in your storage unit to find what you’re looking for, include a list of contents on the outside of each box. This can save you time and, more importantly, frustration. It helps to write up a list of the contents of each box and staple it to the outside, but you should also label each box with the category of its materials or the room where it will end up.

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