Tips for Downsizing Your Home Before a Move

Instead of moving more than you need to, take the opportunity to downsize your home before your big move. Downsizing may include using a temporary storage unit and decluttering your home of items that can be donated or thrown away. Continue reading for a few downsizing and moving tips .

Tip #1: Take Inventory of Everything

Give yourself plenty of time before moving to go through your entire house to take inventory. Go room by room to list all of the furniture, decorations, and duplicates you have—such as baking pans or old linens. Consider the items that never get used, either because they are old or forgotten. Look at the items you like but do not need, and be honest about how much you use or value them. This inventory is going to shape the rest of your downsizing process, so be as thorough as possible.

Tip #2: Donate, Trash, Keep, or Sell

Use your inventory list to make three or four piles in each room. You can also use this time to start some light packing before moving. Each pile of clothes, decorations, kitchenware, and furniture will be meant to go somewhere. You will have items that can be donated, thrown away, kept, and sold. If possible, pack some of the “keep” items in your moving boxes; this will help reduce moving clutter, and you can focus on the rest of your inventory.

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Storage

The previous downsizing tips will help you declutter your home, but there are sure to be boxes, furniture, and various items that can go into storage while you focus on your move. These items might be electronic equipment, gardening tools, and extra dishware. Take advantage of a nearby storage unit to house furniture and moving boxes so you can move at a more leisurely pace.

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