Planning a Long-Distance Move With Your Pets

Moving with animals requires extra planning to ensure that your pets are safe and stress-free as they arrive with you to the new house. If you are moving long-distance, then your planning efforts may require even more dedication. Let’s look at what you need when planning a long-distance move with your pets.

Update Their Information

Just as you need to update your information—such as your address, phone number, and various records—you must do the same for your pets. Both cats and dogs should have a collar with their names and your current phone number. If possible, get them microchipped for extra identification.

Plan a Pet-Friendly Route

When moving long-distance with your pet , look for different rest stops and hotels that are pet-friendly. Your pets require just as many breaks as you, if not more. Dogs should be kept on a leash at all times during breaks. Cats can use a litter box in your vehicle or in their crate, but it should be cleaned frequently to avoid any discomfort. Ensure that you have reservations at pet-friendly hotels along your moving route.

Reduce Their Stress

Moving is stressful for everyone, but your pets will often feel the brunt of it. They are confused and unsure of the movers, moving boxes, and noises that are occurring on moving day. Keep your pets in a quiet, closed room as far away as possible from the commotion. If your pets are prone to high stress, then consult your veterinarian about other ways or medications to reduce stress.

Keep Them Close

Your pets should never be in a moving truck or in the bed of a truck. They must be in a well-ventilated vehicle and crate. Larger dogs should be leashed and kept calm throughout a long-distance drive.

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