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  • Is Storage-in-Transit the Right Option for You?

    Moving into a new home is sometimes a complicated and messy event, but taking advantage of storage solutions can streamline the process and make is easier for you to keep your belongings organized. When most people think of storage, they imagine traditional containers that are in a lot or warehouse. However, for anyone planning a move, storage-in-transit can be a better option.

    Storage-in-transit refers to storing your goods in a moving van, and this can be done for either short or long-term periods. This option allows you to access your belongings more easily than traditional storage does. If you need easy access to your items during the moving process, then storage-in-transit may offer you the perfect solution.

    With Silicon Valley Moving & Storage, you can take advantage of either storage-in-transit or traditional storage units in Silicon Valley. Please call (408) 941-0600 if you’d like more information about our storage solutions .