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  • Tips for Preparing Your Home for Packing

    There are quite a few things to take care of when you plan a big move, like changing your address, finding a moving company, and packing up your home. It’s easiest to pack up when you don’t have clutter to sift through, and the right packing materials can make all the difference. Remember to stay organized and read on for more on these tips for preparing your home for packing.

    Get Rid of Clutter

    Clutter can stress you out, and if you don’t handle it properly, moving can, too. You can make your life a whole lot easier by getting rid of your clutter well before your move. Dealing with your clutter can be a freeing experience, and it can be helpful for others, as well. Walk around your house and look in each room and closet, and think about which items you use and which ones have just been taking up space. Consider donating the items you don’t use to friends or charity.

    Gather Your Materials

    Many people make the unfortunate mistake of using poorly constructed packing materials, and this comes back to bite them during their move. Instead of going the cheap route and scavenging materials from local stores, buy packing materials that were specifically meant for moving. Find sturdy boxes that your belongings won’t fall through, packing tape that will hold them closed, and thick markers so you can label each box with its contents. Pick up some quality materials and take some of the stress out of moving.

    Organize Each Room

    It helps to break a large task down into smaller tasks, so take things room by room when you’re moving. Pack up each room separately so all of your related belongings stay together. This also gives you an opportunity to label your boxes by room, which makes it easier to unpack.

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  • Try These Last-Minute Packing Tips

    It’s best to get a head start when you’re moving, but sometimes certain things get pushed back. You still need to pack carefully though, or your belongings could be damaged. Watch this video and try these last-minute packing tips.

    You don’t have to take your clothes off of their hangers when you pack them, but you should cover them with bags to keep them protected. Use small, sturdy boxes to store your books, and keep clothes in a duffel bag so they’re easy to transport. When you work your way to the kitchen, wrap dishes and glasses in sheets and towels to protect them during the move.

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  • Don’t Make These Mistakes When Packing for Your Move

    When you begin the moving process, you must also consider the common mistakes that can occur while packing your belongings. Many of these packing mistakes can be avoided by reserving professional movers and packers. If you want a successful move, then read on for common packing mistakes to avoid .

    Mistake #1: Not Reserving Professional Help

    There are countless moving and packing services available, and they all have the necessary supplies and knowledge to ensure your entire move is a success. You may think you and some friends can pack and move everything by yourself. However, you are more likely to injure yourself or break one of your belongings. Professional packers and movers can safely pack your belongings so they do not become damaged, and they can transport them quickly and efficiently.

    Mistake #2: Not Using Correct Packing Supplies

    The moving industry has developed certain products—such as wardrobe boxes, undyed packing paper, and protective dishware holders—to protect a wide range of belongings. If you do not take advantage of these products, then you risk damaging, staining, or losing your packed belongings. Your moving company will have helpful packing supplies that you and your movers can use to protect your valuables and breakables.

    Mistake #3: Not Packing an Essentials Box

    Your essentials box, suitcase, or backpack is what you and your family need during the first few days in your new house. Moving can become confusing, and you may find that you packed daily toiletries and clothing in one of dozens of boxes. You can avoid this common stressor by setting aside the items and clothing you are likeliest to use during your first week in the new home. These items can be in a box or suitcase that will stay next to you at all times.

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  • Mistakes to Avoid When Packing for a Move

    If your family is planning on moving into a new house during the coming summer season, it is essential that you start packing your belongings as soon as possible. With professional home moving services, you will be able to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Without correctly packed boxes, however, you may find that you end up facing some hassles and hiccups during your move. Let’s take a look at some mistakes that should always be avoided when you are packing up your home.

    Forgetting to Label Boxes

    During the rush of the moving process, it may be tempting to label your boxes as quickly as possible. However, by leaving off detailed information about the contents of each box, you will have a much more difficult time getting organized as you unpack your stuff. Colored tape and bold markers can be used to label your boxes correctly.

    Filling Large Boxes with Heavy Items

    When you are packing up heavier items, such as books, it may be tempting to toss these bulky objects into large boxes. If you fill larger boxes too full of heavy items, however, they may be much more difficult to move. Ideally, your books and other heavy items should be placed in smaller boxes.

    Waiting Until the Last Minute

    You should begin packing up your moving boxes as early as possible when you know that you will be moving. By leaving yourself plenty of time to pack, you can avoid a last minute rush in the days leading up to your big move. Taking your time will help you stay organized and calm during the packing process.

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  • Stress-Free Packing with Kids

    Moving with kids can be an exciting and stressful venture, so it is necessary to find any way to keep them entertained and feeling involved. Watch the video for helpful packing tips when moving with kids.

    Go through the kids’ toys and clothing to declutter their rooms before packing. Pack their off-season clothing to make more room and create a clear packing space. To keep them included, give them an easy task, such as packing stuffed animals and toys. They can also decorate a moving box with markers and inexpensive stickers.

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  • Packing to Prevent Broken Belongings

    As seen in the short video, there are several packing tips to help make the moving process as stress-free as possible. Packing correctly is one of those very important tips.

    Buy specialty packing boxes and supplies from your storage or moving company. These items are sturdier and meant for keeping your items secure. When packing, first put in a layer of packing material. Second, wrap your breakables in bubble wrap or unmarked packing paper and place them in the box. Third, ensure the empty spaces are filled with more packing material. Keep your moving boxes at 50lbs or less to avoid heavy boxes and the possibility of dropping them.

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  • Packing Tips for Fragile Items

    Moving becomes extra stressful when you find one of your prized possessions in pieces, so make sure you pack everything carefully. Watch this video clip for a few packing tips for fragile items.

    Before you put any items in a box, layer it with packing peanuts. Then you can wrap your fragile items like china or jewelry in bubble wrap for protection. Make sure you store dishes vertically, and fill any leftover space with more packing peanuts. Then you can use packing tape to seal the box and label it as fragile. You may also want to include a “this side up” sign with an arrow.

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  • Smart Tips for Packing Clothing

    Moving can be a stressful experience, even if you are highly organized and prepared. In this video, you will receive some expert tips for packing up your wardrobe. To transport your clothing without creating wrinkles, you will want to invest in wardrobe boxes that allow your items to be placed on hangers. Shoes, belts, and other items can be packed into sturdy shopping bags.

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