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  • Advice for Moving to a New City

    Moving to a new city is exciting, but it can also feel a little overwhelming. In addition to the actual moving process, you have to decide where to live, where you’ll work, and how you’ll make new friends. Fortunately, this video offers moving tips that will help.

    Before you move, take some time to research your new city and to learn more about the different neighborhoods. Visiting the city to explore will also help. Be sure to make a budget so you can see how much everything will cost, from hiring movers to putting down a deposit on a new home.

    Get the help you need to make moving to a new city as stress-free as possible from Silicon Valley Moving & Storage . To hire movers near Silicon Valley, contact us today at (408) 941-0600.

  • Questions to Ask Your Movers When You Are Relocating Internationally

    A typical relocation demands plenty of planning and research, and moving to another country requires even better strategizing. If you’re relocating internationally this year, then read on to learn what questions you should ask your movers.

    Do you specialize in international moves?

    To promote a low-stress relocation, it’s important to work with an experienced, international moving company. These professionals will be better able to sort out the details of moving internationally and have knowledge of what licensing and insurance is required.

    Do you give in-home estimates?

    If the international movers that you have in mind do not offer in-home estimates, then move on to the next company. Organizations that do not provide this service may be fraudulent and could end up taking advantage of you. Also, to help ensure accuracy, be sure that the representative who will conduct the estimate is an employee of the moving company.

    Are you licensed and insured?

    Because specific licensing and insurance are required for international movers, asking this question can help you find a reputable moving company that is experienced with the international moving process. Also inquire about what reputable international moving memberships the company is a part of, such as the American Moving and Storage Association’s (AMSA’s) Registered International Mover Certification (RIM).

    Do you provide door-to-door services?

    The fewer times that your belongings change vehicles or vessels, the less likely they are to be lost or damaged. For this reason, it’s ideal to work with an international moving company who will transport your items from your current home directly to your destination.

    Do you offer customs services?

    If this will be your first international move, then there’s a good chance that you’ll feel overwhelmed by the required paperwork. Because of this, when it comes to removing some of the hassle from an international relocation, the benefits of working with a moving company that offers full-service customs services can’t be overstated.

    Silicon Valley Moving & Storage offers international moving in Silicon Valley , along with free, no obligation, in-home estimates. For more information, please give us a call at (408) 941-0600.

  • Tips for Preventing Moving Day Panic for Your Pet

    When you are moving to a new house, you may not realize the effect this process can have on your pet. Whether you have a cat, dog, or bird, your pet is likely to have moments of stress and even panic during a move. However, you can minimize the panic with preparation and some help from professionals. Read on for some tips to keep your pet stress-free during your move .

    Tip #1: Prepare Early

    Most pets do not react well to sudden change, so it is necessary to begin the moving process as early as possible. Your pet will likely be curious or nervous when moving boxes show up. Cut down on this nervousness by packing up boxes and rearranging furniture weeks ahead of moving day. If your pet is exposed to some of these changes early on, then he is likelier to remain calm when more boxes and movers show up.

    Tip #2: Maintain a Routine

    Avoid making huge changes to your pet’s life by maintaining a stable routine throughout the entire process. If your pet eats at a certain time or goes on daily walks, then ensure these habits are not disrupted by packing and moving. If your daily routine must be changed, then try your best to change as little as possible. For example, you can still walk your pet, but you may have to shorten the distance or ask a family member to walk him while you pack. Maintaining the routine as best as possible will keep your pet calmer.

    Tip #3: Stay Stress-Free

    Your pet can sense your emotions and will react with his own. Keep your stress levels low throughout this time by working with a professional moving company. Ensure that your pet is given a quiet and safe area to stay on moving day, and be aware of his feelings and reactions to the situation. Give your pet a lot of love and attention.

    Trust your long-distance or local move near Silicon Valley with the help of Silicon Valley Moving & Storage. We are available for questions and more tips at (408) 941-0600.

  • Should You Pack Food When You Move?

    You will likely be concerned with your furniture and moving boxes prior to moving day, but you must not forget the food in your kitchen . Some of this food can be moved—such as unperishable items that may fuel you and your movers—but many foods should be thrown away or given away before the big day. Let’s look at the foods you should and should not pack.

    Consume Perishables

    Most of your perishables will be found in your refrigerator and freezer. Consume these items first and do not replenish them. For example, if you have meat frozen for future meals, then start cooking these for your family and friends to consume in the days and weeks prior to moving day. Minimize the amount of fresh produce you purchase before a move. If it can be eaten before the move or can be transported easily, then it should be okay to purchase.

    Avoid Packing Expired Items

    Your pantry is likely filled with expired or nearly-expired items. Take a few minutes to inspect your pantry, cupboards, and spice rack for any cans, spices, and condiments that might be on the verge of expiring. If you can eat these items or give them away, then do so before they expire.

    Share Leftovers and Extras

    Local or long-distance moving is a great reason to spread some charity to your community. Look up your local homeless shelter or foodbank and offer your canned goods, prepackaged meals, and produce. Many charities will be happy to take these items, so they can give them to the local community of poor and homeless families. This is the perfect way to give back to your city and unload some unnecessary weight from your moving boxes.

    When you are looking for moving and packing services in Silicon Valley, call Silicon Valley Moving & Storage at (408) 941-0600. We offer moving and packing tips to help ensure your move is successful and as stress-free as possible.

  • Moving with Your Motor Vehicles: What You Need to Know

    Moving requires many types of services, including auto transport for your classic cars, motorcycles, and boats. There are some key steps to take when booking professional auto transport like researching the company and inspecting your vehicle. These steps and more can ensure your motor vehicles are moved safely and quickly. Continue reading to learn what you should know when moving your vehicles.

    Look at Company Reviews

    It is important to look up different moving companies to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Receive at least three estimates and a detailed list of included moving and packing services. Look at each company’s reviews through different review websites and social media. Use these details to help you find the best company for your moving and auto transport .

    State Your Scheduling Needs

    Transporting any vehicle can be met with complications, such as traffic and border patrol issues. These complications may cause your vehicle to arrive late to its destination. Tell your moving company ahead of time about any scheduling requirements. If you need your car, boat, or motorcycle by a certain date, then your moving company needs to know to plan accordingly.

    Avoid Non-Run Fees

    Many auto transport companies will charge a non-run fee for a vehicle that cannot be moved without a trailer or towing package. You can avoid this type of fee by ensuring your car’s engine is running and filled with gasoline and oil.

    Conduct Thorough Inspections

    You and the auto transporter should conduct a thorough inspection before and after transport. This inspection will note any preexisting damage, engine issues, and tire quality. These inspections are important to ensure that your vehicle was undamaged during the transport. If the vehicle is damaged, then contact your auto transport company right away.

    Silicon Valley Moving & Storage offers many moving and packing services in Silicon Valley, including our auto transport services. We keep your vehicles protected in closed and open carriers, and we coordinate door-to-door delivery for your convenience. Please call us at (408) 941-0600 to learn more.

  • Making Moving Easier When You Have a Baby

    Moving with a baby or young child can make the entire process much more stressful than you may realize. Thankfully, you can ensure the moving process goes smoothly with planning and a little help. Continue reading to learn how to move with a baby.

    As you can see in the video, planning at least a month in advance is vital to a successful move. Weeks before your move, declutter your house by getting rid of items and placing others in a storage unit. Set up a playdate or overnight babysitter for your child, so their schedule is not disrupted too much by the move.

    Take advantage of the moving resources found at Silicon Valley Moving & Storage . Our Silicon Valley movers can help you pack, prepare, and move across town or across the world. Give us a call at (408) 941-0600 to get started.

  • How to Prepare to Move into a Smaller Home

    Today, many people are downsizing to enjoy simpler and more productive lifestyles. If you’ll be transitioning into a smaller place soon, then watch this video for some helpful moving and packing tips.

    First, start by considering what your lifestyle will look like in your new home. For example, you may not need winter clothing and sports gear if your moving to a warm location. Or you may have little need for cooking supplies if you won’t be preparing meals at home. Also, do consider the size of your furniture and if there will be room for all of it in your smaller home. Finally, consider selling valuables and antiques or offering these items to your family members.

    For more moving and organization tips in Silicon Valley, please contact Silicon Valley Moving & Storage by visiting our website or calling (408) 941-0600.

  • How Long Do Local Moves Take?

    If you are moving locally, you likely have some questions about what to expect from the experience, including how long the process will take. Your moving company will be able to provide you with some guidance to help you plan your move effectively.

    Typically, the actual moving part of a local move can be completed in a single day. Depending on the size of your current and future homes and the distance between them, the move can sometimes be completed in a few hours. Packing for your move and making other necessary arrangements, like changing your utilities, can be completed weeks before your move. Being completely packed and making these arrangements in advance can make your moving day go faster.

    Let Silicon Valley Moving & Storage help you plan a stress-free local move, with a reliable moving quote and expert advice about what to expect on moving day. Talk to one of our local moving experts in the Silicon Valley today by calling (408) 941-0600.

  • How to Prevent Damage to Your Property During a Move

    During the chaos of a household move, your home or apartment building could experience significant property damage. To avoid the need to patch drywall holes or fix scratches in your floors after you have moved out all of your belongings, it is a good idea to work with a team of home moving experts. If you are wondering about how to avoid property damage during a move, read these tips.

    Dismantle or Wrap Furniture

    Large, bulky items, such as furniture, can damage floors and walls while they are being moved out of a home. In order to protect your home from getting damaged by your furniture, you should always dismantle or wrap your furnishings, when possible. Even a small amount of bubble wrap around the legs of your tables and chairs can protect both your furniture and your property from harm.

    Use a Hand-Cart or Dolly

    When you attempt to move and lift heavy boxes or furniture pieces without assistance, you may be more likely to drop them and cause property damage. Before your moving day arrives, rent a hand-cart or dolly from your moving company. Using these devices, you will be able to smoothly wheel your heavy items into your moving truck.

    Hire a Moving Company

    One of the benefits of working with a moving company during your next big move is that your movers will use the utmost care to make sure that your property is not damaged during the process. A team of professional movers will have the skills and experience needed to avoid property damage and safely get your boxes and items into your moving truck.

    If you are in need of home moving services near Silicon Valley, get in contact with Silicon Valley Moving and Storage . From packing services to moving tips and more, our top rated moving company will be there to assist you, throughout the moving process. Give us a call at (408) 941-0600 to schedule a consultation with our moving team today.