• How to Pick the Perfect Moving Date

    You need to have some kind of timeline for your move, which means you should have an idea of when you plan on pulling the trigger. Home moving is easier during certain times of year than it is during others, and even the day of the week and time of day can play a role. Continue reading and find out how to pick the perfect moving date.

    Consider the Season

    Moving during summer seems like the most logical idea because you don’t have to worry about a big change during the middle of your school year. If you’re a teacher, you also have the summer off. The same reasons that make summer moving a good idea are the ones that make it a bad idea. Moving companies are busier than ever during the summer, which means it may be more difficult to get yourself in line. Consider moving during any other season of the year, when moving companies aren’t so swamped.

    Choose a Weekday

    Just like moving companies are backed up during the summer because it’s a convenient time to move , the same thing goes for weekdays. People like to move during the weekend because they’re off from work and don’t have to worry about school, but this is when demand is at its highest. You can save yourself some stress by taking a day off from work and planning your move during a weekday.

    Get Up Early (or Late)

    Moving during the morning and evening tend to be your best bets. Many people prefer the morning because they have the rest of the day to get settled in after the move, while night owls may do just fine moving during the evening.

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