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  • What You Need to Know About ProMovers

    The American Moving and Storage Association, or AMSA, created a program for moving companies to better protect their customers. This program, called ProMover, is a stamp of approval that signifies a professional mover or moving company represents the ethical moving practices and government regulations upheld by the AMSA. Let’s take a closer look at the ProMover program.

    The ProMover program helps customers find a trustworthy and dependable moving company. This program separates quality movers from illegitimate movers. Customers can find a ProMover-certified moving company by looking for the ProMover logo. This logo signifies that the moving company strives for high standards and ethical practices. It also provides peace of mind to customers searching for home and commercial moving services.

    Find out what a ProMover moving company in Silicon Valley looks like by calling Silicon Valley Moving & Storage at (408) 941-0600. We provide local, long-distance, and international moving, as well as auto transport and packing services. We also have 27 years as a fully licensed and insured moving company that seeks to provide our customers with quality customer service.

  • What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company for Your Office Relocation?

    When you’re moving offices, it may seem like you have plenty of hands on deck with your employees, but it’s also wise to hire professionals to get the job done. Office moving has more components to consider than residential moving, because you have to keep your business running at the same time. Here are some of the benefits of hiring professional office movers when your business is relocating.

    You have access to all of the supplies you need.

    When you try to move your office without hiring movers, there is a good chance you’ll be trying to pack things up in discarded boxes that aren’t strong enough to protect your belongings, and you’ll have to take carload after carload to your new location. That process is not only inefficient, but it can also leave your items vulnerable to damage. Professional movers have everything you need to get the job done quickly and the right packing materials to ensure your items are protected. They will get your office belongings to your new location in one trip with a moving truck, so your transition time to your new location is faster.

    You will avoid liability issues that come from having employees move.

    Chances are that your business insurance does not cover having employees do things that are not typical of their positions, such as acting as movers. If they become injured in the process, you could be facing significant out of pocket expenses and even a lawsuit. You also cannot hold employees responsible for any equipment they damage during the move, and your insurance may not cover the costs because unqualified individuals were moving it. Professional movers are bonded and insured, so you don’t have to worry about liability issues.

    You can focus on your business.

    Your business doesn’t grind to halt just because you’re moving to a new location. Let a professional moving company take care of the relocation while you continue to focus on running your business.

    Silicon Valley Moving & Storage are experienced office movers and can ensure your business a smooth, efficient relocation. Request a quote for office moving in the Silicon Valley by calling (408) 941-0600.

  • How Early Should You Hire a Moving Company?

    Once you have decided to use the moving services of your local moving company, you must decide when to make the arrangements. Most moving companies will recommend you book their services as soon as possible, usually within four to eight weeks before your move. However, there might be some caveats to this industry standard.

    It is a safer bet to call your moving company as soon as you know your moving date. The company can either book you then or recommend calling at a later date, if your moving date is very far in advance. If you are moving overseas or long distance, then you should make your moving arrangements as soon as possible. This will ensure nothing is left to chance during what might be an extra stressful move.

    Don’t let your move become stressful; call Silicon Valley Moving & Storage at (408) 941-0600. Whether you are locally or long distance moving in Silicon Valley, trust us to keep your personal possessions as safe as possible. Call us right away to learn more about our packing and moving tips to help you during your move.