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  • The Right Way to Tape Moving Boxes

    When you’re moving, taping up your boxes the right way can be difference between a positive and hassle-free experience and a disaster. Watch this video to find out how to tape your boxes so that they’re strong and sturdy enough to stand up to your move.

    Start with quality moving boxes, instead of weak, water-damaged, giveaway boxes from local retailers. Use a tape dispenser and follow the pattern in this video to ensure your boxes are secure.

    Whether you need boxes, packing help, or movers to get you into your new home, Silicon Valley Moving & Storage can help. You can get an estimate or find out more about working our movers in the Silicon Valley by calling (408) 941-0600.

  • Tips for Labeling Your Moving Boxes

    When you are moving into a new home, it is important to label your moving boxes carefully. In this video, you will receive some moving tips that will help you label your moving boxes correctly. To help you quickly identify the contents of a box, you should create color coded labels for each room in your home. On these labels, you can write a brief description of each box’s contents.

    If you need help with home moving near Silicon Valley, call Silicon Valley Moving and Storage at (408) 941-0600. With our local moving services and packing tips, you can ensure that your move is a total success. We look forward to helping you transition into your new home.

  • What to Not Pack in a Moving Box

    When planning your moving adventure, you may think you can throw everything into some moving boxes and be ready for a quick move. However, you may soon find that many items you packed have leaked, died, or become irreparably damaged. Here is a brief list of items that should not go into a moving box:

    • Never put anything alive in a moving box. Hamsters, reptiles, and even plants should all be handled with specific and dedicated care to ensure that they arrive at your new home alive and well.
    • Keep fragile heirlooms and valuables with you at all times. Some fragile items, such as dishware, can be packed in specially-made boxes. However, if you have a special figurine or fragile decoration, then it should be well-packed and protected while in your care.
    • Toxic or cleaning chemicals, as well as anything containing liquid. These items can easily spill or break and damage several of your other items, even if they are packed in plastic boxes.

    You can learn more packing tips with Silicon Valley Moving & Storage by calling us at (408) 941-0600. Our trained and dedicated movers can provide helpful moving and storage solutions in Silicon Valley.