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  • Tips for Packing Your Electronics for an International Move

    International moves have a different set of requirements than local or even long-distance moves . In addition to obtaining the proper customs forms and visa, moving internationally means you have to especially careful during the packing process. Your moving company can offer packing tips and may even be able to handle the packing for you. If you’re moving with electronics, this advice will help you ensure your valuable items arrive in your new home safely.

    Run the Numbers Before Packing

    Before you pack up your electronics, make sure that you will actually be able to use them in your new home. This means checking the voltage and plug configurations as well as the size. In some cases, it is possible to convert electronics for use in different countries with plug and voltage adapters, but these adaptations can also sometimes cause electronics to fizzle out. Before you go through the trouble of packing, it is worthwhile to bring your electronics with you.

    Tape Up Moving Pieces

    Before you put any electronics into a box, be sure to tape up moving pieces, such as DVD drawers or microwave doors, to prevent these items from opening and being damaged during shipping. If you’re moving items that have interior pieces, like a microwave with a glass tray inside, either remove those items and pack them separately, or securely tape them in place.

    Wrap and Double Box

    Protect your electronics by securely covering them in bubble wrap or another protective outer covering. If your items have a case, put them in the case before wrapping them with bubble wrap. Double box all of your electronics to give them an extra layer of protection against damage. Choose corrugated cardboard boxes that were made for moving instead of free boxes that retail stores are giving away.

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  • Tips for Planning an International Move

    Planning a big move takes multiple steps, such as decluttering your house and booking movers. These same steps apply when you are moving to another country. The following moving tips are essential to help you plan a successful and stress-free international move.

    Tip #1: Declutter Your Entire Home

    Decluttering is necessary for an easy local move, but it is vital to your international move. International moving is more expensive and more time-consuming, especially if you are moving more boxes and furniture than you need. It is time to be conservative with your belongings in the months leading up to an international move. Go through every piece of furniture, clothing, décor, and recreational items. If it is nonessential, broken, unsentimental, or can be stored, then it does not need to be in your moving boxes.

    Tip #2: Try out Packing Tips

    There are several packing tips that help maximize your packing space. For example, clothes can stay in the drawers with plastic wrap securing them. Use space-saving, vacuum bags to hold as many of your clothes as possible. Use towels and shirts to protect your breakable dishes and items. Use sandwich bags to hold small items like screws. Keep necklaces from tangling by weaving them through an empty paper roll and latching the ends together.

    Tip #3: Book International Movers

    You will still need help from experienced, international movers. A moving company will have the necessary resources, movers, supplies, and knowledge to help you fully prepare for an international move. These professionals will have a checklist to ensure you have made the necessary preparations and packed everything correctly.

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  • Spotlight on International Moving

    Moving can be a hassle if you are not prepared; it can be an even bigger hassle if you are moving to a different country. Fortunately, there are international moving services that can help you get from here to there without all the additional stress. Keep reading as we put the spotlight on international moving .

    When it comes to international moving, you will want to make sure that you have worked out every detail in advance. This is where the moving pros can help. An international moving service like Silicon Valley Moving & Storage can walk you through the process so that you get from your old place to your new home as quickly and safely as possible. This type of international moving company can provide invaluable services during your move, such as global storage and delivery, in-home estimates, and freight forwarding.

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