• Reducing Stress When You Are Moving with Kids and Pets

    Both long-distance and local moving can be stressful to plan and carry out, and this is even more true for families with children and pets. If you’re moving with kids and pets this season, then keep reading for tips on taking some of the stress out of the process.

    Spark Your Kids’ Excitement

    When it comes to moving with children , one of the biggest stressors that you might face is their unwillingness to leave their home and friends. To help reduce both their anxiety and yours, frame the move in a positive light and get them excited about the process. To do this, you might show them pictures of some of the local attractions they’ll get to experience and assure them that they can stay in contact with their friends.

    Make Packing a Game

    When left to the last minute, packing can turn into a stress-filled endeavor that leaves you panicked and exhausted. Also, both your kids and your pets are likely to pick up on your frenzied state. To help avoid this situation, begin packing early. Taking this step will help you finish on time and can reduce stress for your pets by getting them accustomed to the presence of boxes around your home. Second, turn the packing process into a game that the whole family can be a part of by allowing your children to organize and box their belongings. This strategy can help the process move more quickly and keep children happy and involved.

    Stick to a Routine

    One of the best ways that you can reduce stress for yourself, your kids, and your pets is to follow your normal routine as much as possible. Doing this may become difficult as moving day approaches, having a schedule cam simplify day-to-day life during this busy period and help keep children and pets happy and at ease.

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  • Is Storage-in-Transit the Right Option for You?

    Moving into a new home is sometimes a complicated and messy event, but taking advantage of storage solutions can streamline the process and make is easier for you to keep your belongings organized. When most people think of storage, they imagine traditional containers that are in a lot or warehouse. However, for anyone planning a move, storage-in-transit can be a better option.

    Storage-in-transit refers to storing your goods in a moving van, and this can be done for either short or long-term periods. This option allows you to access your belongings more easily than traditional storage does. If you need easy access to your items during the moving process, then storage-in-transit may offer you the perfect solution.

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  • Tips for Preventing Moving Day Panic for Your Pet

    When you are moving to a new house, you may not realize the effect this process can have on your pet. Whether you have a cat, dog, or bird, your pet is likely to have moments of stress and even panic during a move. However, you can minimize the panic with preparation and some help from professionals. Read on for some tips to keep your pet stress-free during your move .

    Tip #1: Prepare Early

    Most pets do not react well to sudden change, so it is necessary to begin the moving process as early as possible. Your pet will likely be curious or nervous when moving boxes show up. Cut down on this nervousness by packing up boxes and rearranging furniture weeks ahead of moving day. If your pet is exposed to some of these changes early on, then he is likelier to remain calm when more boxes and movers show up.

    Tip #2: Maintain a Routine

    Avoid making huge changes to your pet’s life by maintaining a stable routine throughout the entire process. If your pet eats at a certain time or goes on daily walks, then ensure these habits are not disrupted by packing and moving. If your daily routine must be changed, then try your best to change as little as possible. For example, you can still walk your pet, but you may have to shorten the distance or ask a family member to walk him while you pack. Maintaining the routine as best as possible will keep your pet calmer.

    Tip #3: Stay Stress-Free

    Your pet can sense your emotions and will react with his own. Keep your stress levels low throughout this time by working with a professional moving company. Ensure that your pet is given a quiet and safe area to stay on moving day, and be aware of his feelings and reactions to the situation. Give your pet a lot of love and attention.

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  • What You Need to Know About ProMovers

    The American Moving and Storage Association, or AMSA, created a program for moving companies to better protect their customers. This program, called ProMover, is a stamp of approval that signifies a professional mover or moving company represents the ethical moving practices and government regulations upheld by the AMSA. Let’s take a closer look at the ProMover program.

    The ProMover program helps customers find a trustworthy and dependable moving company. This program separates quality movers from illegitimate movers. Customers can find a ProMover-certified moving company by looking for the ProMover logo. This logo signifies that the moving company strives for high standards and ethical practices. It also provides peace of mind to customers searching for home and commercial moving services.

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  • Should You Pack Food When You Move?

    You will likely be concerned with your furniture and moving boxes prior to moving day, but you must not forget the food in your kitchen . Some of this food can be moved—such as unperishable items that may fuel you and your movers—but many foods should be thrown away or given away before the big day. Let’s look at the foods you should and should not pack.

    Consume Perishables

    Most of your perishables will be found in your refrigerator and freezer. Consume these items first and do not replenish them. For example, if you have meat frozen for future meals, then start cooking these for your family and friends to consume in the days and weeks prior to moving day. Minimize the amount of fresh produce you purchase before a move. If it can be eaten before the move or can be transported easily, then it should be okay to purchase.

    Avoid Packing Expired Items

    Your pantry is likely filled with expired or nearly-expired items. Take a few minutes to inspect your pantry, cupboards, and spice rack for any cans, spices, and condiments that might be on the verge of expiring. If you can eat these items or give them away, then do so before they expire.

    Share Leftovers and Extras

    Local or long-distance moving is a great reason to spread some charity to your community. Look up your local homeless shelter or foodbank and offer your canned goods, prepackaged meals, and produce. Many charities will be happy to take these items, so they can give them to the local community of poor and homeless families. This is the perfect way to give back to your city and unload some unnecessary weight from your moving boxes.

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