• How to Clean Your New Place When You Move In

    Part of your moving process includes cleaning your new place before movers arrive with your belongings. There are certain steps that can be done with simple techniques, clean cloths, and mild cleansers. Here are essential cleaning tasks to prepare your new place:

    • Start at the top of every room and clean down. Dust and dirt falls, so cleaning from top to bottom ensures all surfaces are cleaned.
    • As seen in the video, do not forget to clean points of contact. These are door handles, often-touched fixtures, and light switches. These areas are the most germ-ridden spots in your new home.
    • Clean out vents, registers, and filters. This will remove dust and keep the air fresh.

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  • Don’t Make These Mistakes When Packing for Your Move

    When you begin the moving process, you must also consider the common mistakes that can occur while packing your belongings. Many of these packing mistakes can be avoided by reserving professional movers and packers. If you want a successful move, then read on for common packing mistakes to avoid .

    Mistake #1: Not Reserving Professional Help

    There are countless moving and packing services available, and they all have the necessary supplies and knowledge to ensure your entire move is a success. You may think you and some friends can pack and move everything by yourself. However, you are more likely to injure yourself or break one of your belongings. Professional packers and movers can safely pack your belongings so they do not become damaged, and they can transport them quickly and efficiently.

    Mistake #2: Not Using Correct Packing Supplies

    The moving industry has developed certain products—such as wardrobe boxes, undyed packing paper, and protective dishware holders—to protect a wide range of belongings. If you do not take advantage of these products, then you risk damaging, staining, or losing your packed belongings. Your moving company will have helpful packing supplies that you and your movers can use to protect your valuables and breakables.

    Mistake #3: Not Packing an Essentials Box

    Your essentials box, suitcase, or backpack is what you and your family need during the first few days in your new house. Moving can become confusing, and you may find that you packed daily toiletries and clothing in one of dozens of boxes. You can avoid this common stressor by setting aside the items and clothing you are likeliest to use during your first week in the new home. These items can be in a box or suitcase that will stay next to you at all times.

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  • How Long Do Local Moves Take?

    If you are moving locally, you likely have some questions about what to expect from the experience, including how long the process will take. Your moving company will be able to provide you with some guidance to help you plan your move effectively.

    Typically, the actual moving part of a local move can be completed in a single day. Depending on the size of your current and future homes and the distance between them, the move can sometimes be completed in a few hours. Packing for your move and making other necessary arrangements, like changing your utilities, can be completed weeks before your move. Being completely packed and making these arrangements in advance can make your moving day go faster.

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  • Tips for Packing Your Electronics for an International Move

    International moves have a different set of requirements than local or even long-distance moves . In addition to obtaining the proper customs forms and visa, moving internationally means you have to especially careful during the packing process. Your moving company can offer packing tips and may even be able to handle the packing for you. If you’re moving with electronics, this advice will help you ensure your valuable items arrive in your new home safely.

    Run the Numbers Before Packing

    Before you pack up your electronics, make sure that you will actually be able to use them in your new home. This means checking the voltage and plug configurations as well as the size. In some cases, it is possible to convert electronics for use in different countries with plug and voltage adapters, but these adaptations can also sometimes cause electronics to fizzle out. Before you go through the trouble of packing, it is worthwhile to bring your electronics with you.

    Tape Up Moving Pieces

    Before you put any electronics into a box, be sure to tape up moving pieces, such as DVD drawers or microwave doors, to prevent these items from opening and being damaged during shipping. If you’re moving items that have interior pieces, like a microwave with a glass tray inside, either remove those items and pack them separately, or securely tape them in place.

    Wrap and Double Box

    Protect your electronics by securely covering them in bubble wrap or another protective outer covering. If your items have a case, put them in the case before wrapping them with bubble wrap. Double box all of your electronics to give them an extra layer of protection against damage. Choose corrugated cardboard boxes that were made for moving instead of free boxes that retail stores are giving away.

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