• What to Consider When Moving to a New Office

    If your business has started to grow and expand, you may be ready to start thinking about moving into a new office building. With services from a company that offers office moving services, you can seamlessly transition into your new workplace. In order to determine whether a prospective commercial building will meet the needs of your company, you will need to carefully inspect the office space before you make the decision to move. Here is a look at three factors to consider when you are moving into a new office.

    Energy Efficiency

    When you move into a new office, you will need to make sure that your upgraded space is equipped with energy efficient windows, lighting, and HVAC technology. An energy efficient office will help you reduce your monthly utilities, while also improving the environmental impact of your business.

    Workspace Capacity

    One of the main reasons why companies choose to move into new office buildings is that they are in need of expanded workspace for their employees. To determine whether a potential office building will meet your needs, you will want to carefully consider the amount of workspace that it has to offer. You should also determine whether the new office offers private work areas for all of your employees.

    Surrounding Location

    A good location is key when you are moving into a new office. Ideally, you will want to situate your new office building in an area that is filled with other thriving businesses. You may also find that you are able to attract new clients more easily if you move to a location that offers appealing retail shops and restaurants.

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  • Tips for Labeling Your Moving Boxes

    When you are moving into a new home, it is important to label your moving boxes carefully. In this video, you will receive some moving tips that will help you label your moving boxes correctly. To help you quickly identify the contents of a box, you should create color coded labels for each room in your home. On these labels, you can write a brief description of each box’s contents.

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  • How to Prevent Damage to Your Property During a Move

    During the chaos of a household move, your home or apartment building could experience significant property damage. To avoid the need to patch drywall holes or fix scratches in your floors after you have moved out all of your belongings, it is a good idea to work with a team of home moving experts. If you are wondering about how to avoid property damage during a move, read these tips.

    Dismantle or Wrap Furniture

    Large, bulky items, such as furniture, can damage floors and walls while they are being moved out of a home. In order to protect your home from getting damaged by your furniture, you should always dismantle or wrap your furnishings, when possible. Even a small amount of bubble wrap around the legs of your tables and chairs can protect both your furniture and your property from harm.

    Use a Hand-Cart or Dolly

    When you attempt to move and lift heavy boxes or furniture pieces without assistance, you may be more likely to drop them and cause property damage. Before your moving day arrives, rent a hand-cart or dolly from your moving company. Using these devices, you will be able to smoothly wheel your heavy items into your moving truck.

    Hire a Moving Company

    One of the benefits of working with a moving company during your next big move is that your movers will use the utmost care to make sure that your property is not damaged during the process. A team of professional movers will have the skills and experience needed to avoid property damage and safely get your boxes and items into your moving truck.

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  • What Shouldn’t Go into Storage?

    Storage units are extremely helpful whether you are moving or simply need a storage solution. You can store extra furniture, seasonal clothing, tools, and recreational items. However, there are certain items that should never be placed into your storage unit. Here is a closer look at the items that should stay out of your storage unit:

    • Never put any type of animal or plant into a storage unit. This can be considered illegal animal abuse, and it can result in harmful consequences, such as a pest infestation.
    • Keep perishables out of your unit. Food of any kind can attract rodents, grow mold, and cause health risks and damages to your items and nearby units.
    • Hazardous materials—such as odorous gases, chemicals, and explosive materials—should never be placed in your storage unit. Individual storage companies may have different restrictions on this rule, so it is best to confirm with your storage manager.

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  • Tips for Planning an International Move

    Planning a big move takes multiple steps, such as decluttering your house and booking movers. These same steps apply when you are moving to another country. The following moving tips are essential to help you plan a successful and stress-free international move.

    Tip #1: Declutter Your Entire Home

    Decluttering is necessary for an easy local move, but it is vital to your international move. International moving is more expensive and more time-consuming, especially if you are moving more boxes and furniture than you need. It is time to be conservative with your belongings in the months leading up to an international move. Go through every piece of furniture, clothing, décor, and recreational items. If it is nonessential, broken, unsentimental, or can be stored, then it does not need to be in your moving boxes.

    Tip #2: Try out Packing Tips

    There are several packing tips that help maximize your packing space. For example, clothes can stay in the drawers with plastic wrap securing them. Use space-saving, vacuum bags to hold as many of your clothes as possible. Use towels and shirts to protect your breakable dishes and items. Use sandwich bags to hold small items like screws. Keep necklaces from tangling by weaving them through an empty paper roll and latching the ends together.

    Tip #3: Book International Movers

    You will still need help from experienced, international movers. A moving company will have the necessary resources, movers, supplies, and knowledge to help you fully prepare for an international move. These professionals will have a checklist to ensure you have made the necessary preparations and packed everything correctly.

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