• Must-Have Packing Materials

    Packing is one aspect of moving or storing items that people don’t tend to get too excited about, but it doesn’t have to be so bad. As long as you have all the right materials and you know what to do with them, packing can actually be quite simple. Here is a look at some must-have packing materials.

    Many people make the mistake of waiting until the last second to find packing materials, and they often end up with subpar boxes as a result. Plan ahead and purchase sturdy packing boxes that won’t crumble with your belongings inside them. You should also stock up on packing peanuts and bubble wrap so you can protect your fragile items throughout the move. As long as you have these must-have packing materials and you know how to use them, you should be able to make your move without too much stress.

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  • Why You Need Extra Storage

    There are several reasons you may need extra storage. You may be moving soon and need a temporary storage unit, or you may require a secure location to store recently-inherited heirlooms. No matter your reasons, investing in an extra storage unit can help you declutter your home and make more room. Let’s take a look at some common reasons why you may benefit from extra storage.

    You are reducing seasonal clutter.

    Every season has its own signature holiday, decorations, and other tools commonly used during that time. For example, winter often requires a tree, strings of lights, and heaters. Spring and summer are reserved for large gardening tools, like a lawnmower, leaf blower, and shovels. Instead of keeping these various decorations and tools in your garage or a full linen closet, invest in extra storage. You can easily switch out your decorations or tools as you need them.

    You are downsizing to a smaller home.

    If your children have moved out, then you may be looking to downsize your large family home to a smaller condo. Downsizing your living space does not automatically mean you must get rid of your furniture, artwork, dishware, or family memories. Take advantage of a nearby storage unit to hold your many possessions and memories.

    You have family moving in.

    Whether you are having a new baby, inviting older relatives to move in, or welcoming back kids from college, you will soon need more room in your house. Your spare bedroom may have worked as an impromptu storage space for a little while, but with new family coming into the house, you need to make more room. Tidy up your guestroom by investing in a safe and secure storage unit.

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  • Packing to Prevent Broken Belongings

    As seen in the short video, there are several packing tips to help make the moving process as stress-free as possible. Packing correctly is one of those very important tips.

    Buy specialty packing boxes and supplies from your storage or moving company. These items are sturdier and meant for keeping your items secure. When packing, first put in a layer of packing material. Second, wrap your breakables in bubble wrap or unmarked packing paper and place them in the box. Third, ensure the empty spaces are filled with more packing material. Keep your moving boxes at 50lbs or less to avoid heavy boxes and the possibility of dropping them.

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  • How Early Should You Hire a Moving Company?

    Once you have decided to use the moving services of your local moving company, you must decide when to make the arrangements. Most moving companies will recommend you book their services as soon as possible, usually within four to eight weeks before your move. However, there might be some caveats to this industry standard.

    It is a safer bet to call your moving company as soon as you know your moving date. The company can either book you then or recommend calling at a later date, if your moving date is very far in advance. If you are moving overseas or long distance, then you should make your moving arrangements as soon as possible. This will ensure nothing is left to chance during what might be an extra stressful move.

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  • Packing Tips for Fragile Items

    Moving becomes extra stressful when you find one of your prized possessions in pieces, so make sure you pack everything carefully. Watch this video clip for a few packing tips for fragile items.

    Before you put any items in a box, layer it with packing peanuts. Then you can wrap your fragile items like china or jewelry in bubble wrap for protection. Make sure you store dishes vertically, and fill any leftover space with more packing peanuts. Then you can use packing tape to seal the box and label it as fragile. You may also want to include a “this side up” sign with an arrow.

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