• Storing Your Furniture Properly

    Whether you are moving into a smaller home, or you are simply feeling a bit crowded in your existing living space, it may be time to consider placing some of your furnishings in storage. By storing, rather than selling, your cherished furniture, you can hang on to your favorite pieces for later use. Before you move your furniture into storage, you will want to prepare it for its time in the storage unit. Read on for an overview of how to properly store furniture.

    Take Wooden Furniture Apart

    If you own wooden furniture that can be disassembled, you will want to take these pieces apart prior to moving them into storage. Disassembling your wooden furniture will allow you to make it more compact and easy to fit into your unit. By packing your wooden furniture into boxes, you can also prevent damage, such as scratches and dings.

    Wrap Upholstered Furniture

    Couches, stuffed chairs, and other upholstered items should be carefully packed and prepared before they head into the storage unit. In order to keep mold and other unwanted substances away from your furniture fabric, you can choose to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will also serve as a protective layer when you are moving your pieces in and out of your storage facility.

    Choose a Climate Controlled Unit

    When furniture is exposed to very hot or cold temperatures, it can warp and become very damaged. To avoid damage related to extreme temperature fluctuations, you will want to rent a climate controlled unit to store all of your belongings.

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  • Tips for Downsizing Your Home Before a Move

    Instead of moving more than you need to, take the opportunity to downsize your home before your big move. Downsizing may include using a temporary storage unit and decluttering your home of items that can be donated or thrown away. Continue reading for a few downsizing and moving tips .

    Tip #1: Take Inventory of Everything

    Give yourself plenty of time before moving to go through your entire house to take inventory. Go room by room to list all of the furniture, decorations, and duplicates you have—such as baking pans or old linens. Consider the items that never get used, either because they are old or forgotten. Look at the items you like but do not need, and be honest about how much you use or value them. This inventory is going to shape the rest of your downsizing process, so be as thorough as possible.

    Tip #2: Donate, Trash, Keep, or Sell

    Use your inventory list to make three or four piles in each room. You can also use this time to start some light packing before moving. Each pile of clothes, decorations, kitchenware, and furniture will be meant to go somewhere. You will have items that can be donated, thrown away, kept, and sold. If possible, pack some of the “keep” items in your moving boxes; this will help reduce moving clutter, and you can focus on the rest of your inventory.

    Tip #3: Take Advantage of Storage

    The previous downsizing tips will help you declutter your home, but there are sure to be boxes, furniture, and various items that can go into storage while you focus on your move. These items might be electronic equipment, gardening tools, and extra dishware. Take advantage of a nearby storage unit to house furniture and moving boxes so you can move at a more leisurely pace.

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  • Our Commitment to Community Service

    At Silicon Valley Moving and Storage, we are proud to assist our community with a variety of programs and services. When you are preparing for an upcoming move, you will want to ask us about our Move for Hunger program. With Move for Hunger, you will be able to donate your unwanted food to families that are in need. During the holiday season, we also organize a Toys for Tots charity drive, which provides cherished holiday gifts to local families. Through these community service projects, we are able to give back to the local area.

    To hear more about how you can get involved with Move for Hunger , give Silicon Valley Moving and Storage a call at (408) 941-0600. Along with helping you find a storage unit in Silicon Valley, our movers also assist you throughout your local or long distance move. We look forward to providing you with expert moving services.

  • Smart Tips for Packing Clothing

    Moving can be a stressful experience, even if you are highly organized and prepared. In this video, you will receive some expert tips for packing up your wardrobe. To transport your clothing without creating wrinkles, you will want to invest in wardrobe boxes that allow your items to be placed on hangers. Shoes, belts, and other items can be packed into sturdy shopping bags.

    When you are in need of a company that offers moving serving Silicon Valley, the team at Silicon Valley Moving and Storage will be there to assist you. From auto transport to packing help and more, we are equipped to help you with every phase of your move. To hear more about our packing and moving services, call us at (408) 941-0600.