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Organizing and Unpacking Your New Home

Often, organizing and unpacking your new home begins before you have finished moving. To be efficiently organized means labeling your boxes, your new rooms, and planning ahead. There are many packing and organization tips to be found, so continue reading for a few essential tips to help you unpack your new home.

Label Boxes and Rooms

While packing your old home, label and color-code every single box to the room it will eventually move to. Once you arrive at your new home, put up colored and labeled sheets of paper on the doorframe of every room. As your professional movers unload each box, they can quickly and easily locate the exact room that the boxes should go to. This will help significantly when it comes time to unpack.

Unpack Essentials First

Most essentials during any move include items from the bathroom and the kitchen. These boxes and appliances should be unpacked in the beginning. Perishable foods should go in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Immediate-need toiletries, such as toilet paper and soap, should be deposited in the bathroom right away. If possible, direct children to start unpacking their rooms to aid in the unpacking efforts.

Set up a “Command Center”

Designate an area of the house, usually the living room or another central location, where the family can gather to check on what else needs to be done. At this location, you can have a sheet of necessary tasks to be done and rooms to be unpacked. This is a good area for the entire family to get together and communicate about how the moving has gone. The “command center” can also be a place for keys, important paperwork, and other important items to stay until a permanent location is unpacked.

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